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EMTRAC Priority Detector (RF/GPS)

EMTRAC Vehicle Computer Unit (VCU)

Intersections equipped with the EMTRAC system have an omni-directional UHF antenna (mounted either on a signal pole or on the traffic cabinet) and a Priority Detector, which consists of a 900-MHz spread-spectrum transceiver and a single-board computer integrated in a dual-card assembly that plugs into the traffic cabinet’s detector rack or on an interior shelf.

The Priority Detector is compatible with NEMA, 170/2070, Caltrans, ITS, and custom cabinets. It support up to 16 inputs, allowing for priority calls to be received for multiple phases from EMTRAC Vehicle Computer Units.

Features and Benefits

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  • Includes serial RS-232 or Ethernet communications, enabling remote monitoring of system activity and configuration of EMTRAC equipment through the existing traffic network
  • Supports up to 16 inputs and 16 outputs, with one auxiliary output configurable as a GPS timing signal
  • Maintains a database of system activity, which is used to generate detailed event logs and setup reports
  • Four main outputs (N, E, S, W) and eight outputs are provided, with each input and output signal optically isolated for 2,500 volts
  • Operates on 120 VAC with its own power supply, and fits NEMA, 170, or shelf cabinet styles
  • Includes indicator lights for power on, signal received, active output by priority, and direction of signal or channel
  • Includes toggle switches to send output in either Priority 1 or Priority 2 mode, allowing manual testing of detector function and intersection response


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