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EMTRAC Emergency Vehicle Preemption (EVP)

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The EMTRAC system enables first response vehicle to efficiently request preemption through equipped intersections. The far-reaching communication range allows city agencies to customize each intersection approach so equipped vehicles can request preemption as early as necessary.

Benefits of EMTRAC EVP

  • Priority control requests can be custom tailored to allow different responses to each vehicle.
  • Precise control of priority-detection approach zones using EMTRAC system software enables customization for each specific area in the city.
  • Superior communication range typically allows intersection-approach zones up to 3,600 feet (1,100 meters) without using range-extending equipment.
  • Line-of-sight communication is not necessary to ensure preemption requests are received.
  • System is completely automatic and requires no driver interaction to operate.
  • Vehicle positioning system uses latest technology to ensure position accuracy and reliability.

Features of EMTRAC EVP

  • Detailed logs and reports show signal and vehicle activity in multiple formats.
  • Preemption-request points can be based on time-of-day to allow for earlier preemption during peak-period rush hours.
  • EVP requests may be sent to multiple intersection simultaneously to help clear gridlock from subsequent intersections and side intersections.
  • Communication signal uses AES encryption for security.

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